Wrap dress in tulle with a wide skirt slightly pleated on the waist. Tulle top with a bustier effect, hand embroidered with a wild floral guipure on the front with a transparent tulle back and light butterfly sleeves. Silk crepe and pongée lining.


Tulle and Georgette crepe buttoned up dress, hand embroidered with floral guipure on the top with a nice décolleté and butterfly sleeves. Silk crepe high waist skirt splitted at the front bottom with a train. Silk twill lining.


Dress made of silk crepe and sequins embroidered tulle placed on the top for a 'off-shoulder' effect and embeded on the front at the waist and in the train insert. Short sleeves and reversed backless. Silk twill lining.


Slip dress in nude silk satin with thin straps, a décolleté with a tulle insert and a deep V backless.

Céleste & Perle

Long sleeves dress in embroidered tulle made of pearls, sequins and leaves patterns all in transparency with a nude silk satin under-dress with thin straps, décolleté and V backless.


High waist dress with 3/4 sleeves in tulle hand embroidered on the top with a bustier effect. V backless and fitted silk crepe skirt. Silk pongée lining.


Embroidered flower tulle with a rain gradation effect, butterfly sleeves, décolleté and reversed backless. Silk crepe skirt with a embroidered tulle train insert. Silk twill lining.


Slip dress in silk satin high waist with a plunging tulle décolleté and a backless underlined by a nice knot. Silk twill lining.


High waist dress in hand embroidered tulle with floral guipure. Long sleeves, décolleté and V backless. Tulle and silk crepe wide skirt. Silk pongée lining.


High waist silk crepe dress with a wrap effect top and sequins tulle under top. Draped sleeves and V backless underlined with a knot. Fitted skirt with a long train. Silk twill lining.


High waist dress in embroidered floral tulle, no sleeves, plunging décolleté with a tulle insert and low-cut 'ballerina' style backless. Fitted silk crepe skirt with a long train encrusted train with a tulle lace insert. Silk pongée lining.


Wrap dress with a top made of pearls and sequins embroidered tulle. High waist Georgette crepe skirt. Long bishop sleeves and plunging V backless with silk ties to knot on the neck. Silk pongée lining.